Restricted Items


Restricted & Prohibited Items

We will process and delivery on majority the items linked to the online items; however exclusions include perfume, alcohol, electrical, crackers, items containing wood and items of a perishable nature. For specific exclusions relating to items or restrictions on certain items dependant please see below as a guide. Please note we cannot be held accountable for delays in customs clearance.


  •  Illegal drugs
  •  Guns, explosives and ammunition
  •  Knives and dangerous hunting weapons
  •  Hazardous materials
  •  Soil
  •  Counterfeit money and goods
  •  Pornographic material
  •  Perfume


  •  All arms, explosives and ammunition are banned from entering the country.
  •  Other restricted items include various forms of unprepared ivory, precious metal and stones, historical artefacts, imitation firearms, children's toys and fruit.